Hey, since a banana taped to a wall (and then someone eating it off the aforementioned wall) is considered art, I present to you The Mic.


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The Microphone Mixed Medium $120,009.59

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It is a mixed medium work of duct tape and a cheap cardioid microphone delicately affixed to the rear of a used promotional poster. The piece should instill a visceral emotional response in the onlooker with the concepts of fear, love, longing, perpetual anxiety and FOMO. If you wish this piece to be publicly accessible now and in the future, you must purchase it soon…or at least before we actually need to use that microphone for something.

After we posted it on our Facebook page, River listener Michael Barnish really hit the nail on the head with his comment:

It speaks so much, but requires so little to do so. Much like the people who use them. The white background is indicative of the subjects on which this tool, the microphone, is used. For white is the presence of all color, and the microphone is there to capture all. That is, all words, all subjects, all meanings, both good and bad. But let us not forget the duct tape. The microphone needs the white paper to be held up and be relevant. It will fall without it. This is a very deep and meaningful piece. This… Is that an SM58? It probably still works. Get that down from there!

This piece is currently on sale for $120,009.59. Or, a box of t-shirts with our logo on them. That’d be cool too.