Buy, Sell or Hold?

Hi this is Leslie Harris, and I keep hearing on the news how the coronavirus is affecting the business world.

The Geneva watch convention, Watches and Wonders, has been canceled, due to worries over spreading the coronavirus. The convention was to be held at the end of April. There have been 2 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Switzerland.

(Starbucks however, says that they have 85% of their stores open across China)

Some stock prices are dropping due to the coronavirus, and many people are selling. But experts also think that once the virus is contained, those stocks will come back. So now I’m thinking, should I actually invest in stocks?

If stock prices are dropping, AND they’ll be coming back, which they probably are, would this be a good time to buy? I don’t know – what if they don’t ever come back? Of course that’s always the risk when investing.

Will you be buying any stocks, or are you getting out of some investments that are dropping? Or are you simply waiting this out?

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