Calendar Year 2020. What Else Ya Got?

So as years go I’m thinking’ 2020 is not gonna get a lot of votes as anyone’s favorite year. Times are tough so you need to be tough too! We’ve been locked down, locked in, locked out and locked up. We’ve got this lovely pandemic and then of course there’s all those folks out of work. Social unrest and oh yeah it’s a Presidential election year! My year has had it’s bumps and bruises. My six year plus relationship with a woman I loved very much ended. She sadly decided to fly solo. Her choice, her right! Difficult, painful and sad, but life does go on! Kept my job when many in my industry lost there’s, but we worked at home for 16 weeks and during that time I managed to have a heart attack. Doing well now, but that’s something that gets your attention. Close call!! Don’t ever be afraid to call 911. That’s what saved my life!! We are now just about two thirds of the way through this calendar madness. Labor Day is two weeks from today. Fall arrives a couple of weeks after that on September 22nd and then we’re off to the races and the holidays. If you think things have moved along at a slow pace because of of the “Ground Hog Day” affect on your and everyone else’s lives get ready because the timing and the events coming our way will help speed things up. Today is day number 237  which leaves us just 129 left before New Years. That means 122 days till Christmas (sorry I just had to throw that in) and just 71 days till election day. I’m thinking most folks will be glad to see 2020 go but who knows what 2021 will hold! I’m hoping 2021 brings better things for us all.