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Can food be the wrong shape?

Hey, it’s Rich Dale.  It seems that a debate has started online on whether or not a hot dog in the shape of a round patty is still considered a hot dog.  The debate stems from a New Jersey butcher shop that created a hotdog in the shape of a hamburger called the “Round Dog”.  According to a poll, 84% agree that it’s still a hotdog and 16% say it’s not.

Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it.  I think it would seem a little weird, but in this case, nothing I couldn’t get over.  At least they’re both savory.

Much better than the time I took a finger full of what I thought was frosting from the fridge and it was mashed potatoes.  Nothing wrong with mashed potatoes unless you’re expecting frosting.

Or the time I tried thing pink whipped stuff at a classy party, thinking it was some kind of strawberry thing.  It was salmon mousse!  When you’re expecting strawberry chiffon and you get fish, that’s about the end of your eating for the night.  Not that there’s anything wrong with salmon mousse.  Oh wait, there is — it’s disgusting.  Fish should not be whipped.

I guess I got sidetracked.  In summary, round hot dogs weird but OK.

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