Can You Feel It?

Hi, this is Leslie Harris. I hope you’ve had a peaceful week.

The solstice was on Tuesday, the longest night of the year. So the days are getting longer, but just how quickly is that progressing?

In fact, Wednesday was only 3 seconds longer than Tuesday. But the good news is that it speeds up the farther we get away from the solstice.

For example, today will be almost a full minute longer than Tuesday! Of course it’s still too early to be able to tell that’s like difference.

Right now, the days are a little more than 9 hours long here in the Chicago area. By the end of January, we will have added almost an hour to that, by the end of February we’ll have added more than 2 hours since the solstice, and then on the spring equinox, March 20th of 2022, we will have equal amounts of daylight and night time.

Take heart! The light is coming!