Can You Help Find Odie’s Person?!

Oh no! Odie was left behind at Pilcher Park in Joliet…can you help?!

The folks at Joliet’s Pilcher Park Nature Center recently found a little stuffed dog with the name “Odie” on his name tag, and they have taken to social media to try and find his owner.

I first read about Odie in an article by Lauren Traut for The Patch, and she makes a good point! Odie’s owners can be anywhere! Hopefully they live close and may see this post, but they could have been visitors just passing through. Either way, we need to find Odie’s people, whether near or far!

It looks like Odie is being taken care of, going on adventures and meeting the nature center’s other residents!

If you know who Odie might belong to, make sure to share these post so we can get him home to his owner…I’m sure he/she is worried!

On a different note…shout out to the social media team at Pilcher Park Nature Center! What a great way to showcase their operation…well done!

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