Hey it’s Chris Miles with one more Unscientific poll question for the week. This time around I thought I would ask more of a trivia type question. So here goes.


Can you name a Rickenbacker River Rocker?


So you’re probably going…huh what does he mean by this?


Well, John Lennon brought the Rickenbacker guitar to public awareness and since then many artists have used one. Take “A Hard Day’s Night” for example, the opening guitar cord displays the Rickenbacker’s very recognizable sound. A sound which is coveted by many artists, some of whom we play on The River. So other than John Lennon, can you name an artist who has been known to shred a Rickenbacker?


I have had a great time with you all this week and I look forward to filling in for Mitch all next week. Have a great weekend everybody and I’ll see you on the Flipside.


Chris Miles


P.S.- Bonus points if you can name a Bass player who has slaps a mean Rickenbacker Bass.