Hey dog lovers, it’s Rich Dale!  Of course I can tell these 3 apart, but 8 or so years ago when I first started dating my wife, she had 3 dogs this color and I couldn’t figure out how she could tell the difference.  They’re all small, all long, and all tan!  So let me introduce you to the three.

This is Tarragon.  He’s 12 years old and he’s the one who just had a tumor removed from his back.  If you had a picture of him with no reference point in it like a person, you might think he was a golden retriever.  He’s extremely obedient.

His litter-mate is Asti Spumante.  They were the only two in the litter, and their mother passed away in 2015.  She’s so little that most people think she’s a puppy, but of course she’s also 12 years old.  Her sight is unfortunately starting to fail, but she still has a pretty good life.  And her appetite is unaffected.

And the newest addition is Coriander.  He just turned 2 years old.  He constantly annoys the other two because he’s young a likes to play.  He’s like Dennis the Menace to their Wilsons.  He’s also the biggest by far, so most people don’t guess he’s the puppy.

There’s your long-haired dachshund lesson for today.  Happy hound-days!