Canada About To Open Up To Vaccinated Americans.

So our closest neighbor (who by the way speaks almost the same language as we do) has had their borders closed to US citizens for quite a while now because of the pandemic. They have kept their infection, hospital admissions and death rates down substantially compared to ours so they’re keeping it safe. I was talking to a friend who grew up in Detroit and he said his sister lives in Detroit, but works in Windsor (Ontario) and she and other s are allowed backhand forth privileges, but they check em pretty tight! Now it seems Canada is moving toward opening up it’s borders again to Americans! I think fall the fiends I have who love traveling to Canada and how much this will mean to them. Fishing, hunting, camping and all that goes with that Canadian experience, no to mention the gorgeous cities like Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec. Canada’s prime Minister Trudeau noted Canada continues to lead G20 countries in vaccination rates with approximately 80% of eligible Canadians vaccinated with their first dose and over 50% of eligible Canadians fully vaccinated. So there ya go! get vaccinated and go north!!

Canada Moving Toward Admitting Vaccinated Americans