“Cancel this Movie” Needs Your Help!

Mackay was just offered a part in a local movie, set to film soon, called, “Cancel This Movie.”  He will play the part of an entertainment reporter named Dick Smalley and chatted with the Director and Actor of the film on his show this morning.  They want to make this movie bigger and better and have started a INDIE GO GO campaign to raise some much needed funds. (The Movie will be made no matter what…but your help would be much appreciated)

Please give what you can on their INDIEGOGO campaign page.

Here’s more about the movie.

Cancel this Movie is an absurd comedy that pulls no punches, shot in a mockumentary style similar to Christopher Guest movies (Best in Show; Waiting for Guffman) and TV shows like The Office and Parks & Rec, in fact, we will be hiring actors from those very shows/movies. Instead of creating a film that is careful not offend anyone, we’ve decided to create a film that offends EVERYONE! Maybe if we can learn to laugh at ourselves, we can put down our walls and start having real conversations. In the meantime, let’s just piss everybody off and have fun doing it. Except animals, no animals will be harmed in the making of this film (Damn it PETA, JUST MOVE ALONG ALREADY!)

Please Help.