Cards Against Humanity Wants Your Film

Leslie Harris here. Did you know that the game Cards Against Humanity is based in Chicago? The company is having a Short Film Festival, and you are invited to participate.

If you’ve made a short film that you think is really good, you could win $100,000, and get your film in front of a whole bunch of eyeballs. The short films need to be submitted soon though, as the deadline is July 25th.

Cards Against Humanity will be selling tickets to a movie night box, which includes a 30 card movie pack, “mysterious snacks” and a ticket to stream all of the finalists.

So if you’ve got a short film, between 4 and 40 minutes long, here’s your chance! By the way, they want real films, so don’t submit some goofy piece you cobbled together on your phone. And nothing that would receive higher than an R rating.

According to their website, $100,000 is almost enough money to pay off your student debt from film School. Second place wins $10,000, and all other finalists will receive $1,000 prize.

Find out more and submit your film HERE