CDC Study Finds If You Eat At A Restaurant You’re Twice As Likely To Catch COVID-19.

So I have been out at several places where food was being served lately, but almost all have been outdoors. I think most of us feel more comfortable with the open air and more space to eat, drink and relax in. Last Friday I joined some friends at one of my favorites places Draft Picks in Naperville. They have a large tent set up and tables even outside the tent in the open air. We were there to catch Mike & Eileen ( who were performing so it was a double plus, hang with friends and hear some live music. Remember live music? I don’t know what is going to happen when the weather changes because the outdoor dining is gonna be tough when the winter winds blow. That’s a real problem for all our favorite restaurants because the CDC has said adults with COVID-19 are twice as likely to have eaten at a restaurant. There are so many great restaurants that are struggling or will never open again. This really sucks!

Here’s That CDC Report.