I know, a lot of people don’t like to hear from celebrities when tragedy occurs…or anytime! But, it’s important to remember that celebrities are no less human or entitled to sharing opinions than you or me.

First, from the President. His messages were resentful, eventually calling for Congress to come together to try and form something meaningful after the tragedies.

Dwayne Johnson sent this message out on Twitter, keeping things respectful but also staying away from any hot-button topics.

Actress Julianne Moore is calling on lawmakers.

Naturally, many are calling for some gun control, but John Legend is also pointing out the ideology of some of the men committing these acts.

Henry Winckler…aka The Fonz…chimed in with a another message for lawmakers to act.

Obviously, these are more of the tame responses. You don’t have to look to far to find opinions, both from celebrities and in our own social circles, that venture off a bit further from center.

Whichever way you lean, I tend to fall in line with The Rock on this one. This issue is far more complicated than a one-headline solution. It’s multi-faceted and nuanced. Gun control is a part of it, and so is mental health care, and better parenting, and bullying, and racism and many many other things. I believe ALL aspects need to be addressed before we see any sort of change. And, as a parent of young kids who will be starting school in a few short years (and a teacher wife who’s in a school every day), I pray it happens sooner rather than later.