Celebrity Reactions to the Death of Meat Loaf

The death of Meat Loaf hit me hard.

I was a fan, I loved his music just like anyone, but it’s where and when his music brings me back to that is so emotional.

When I read the news yesterday, half awake in my bed, my first text was to my mom and brother.

My dad, who passed away on June 1st of last year, was a huge fan. I learned the lyrics to Bat Out Of Hell long before I ever remember hearing them on the radio because it was on so much. There are certain songs that make me think of my dad. Radar Love is #1, but Paradise by the Dashboard Light is a close second. Everytime I hear Meat Loaf’s booming Broadway vocals, I think of Dad.

I loved the way he sung his songs, with an on-stage flair. I love that his songs told stories, a lot of them really funny!

I mean:

“I love you! I need You! But there ain’t now way I’m ever gonna love you!
Now don’t be sad, cuz two out of three ain’t bad!”

That’s hilarious!

I never had a chance to meat Meat Loaf, who got his nickname when he was an offensive lineman in college. Judging by the outpouring of love on social media, he seemed like a genuinely good dude.