I am not sure I could win anything 4 years in a row.  A few years back I was nominated for an award in healthcare and I lost.  Unfortunately my 15 years of work with the elderly only led to one nomination and I didn’t even win.  Good thing I have this job to fall back on!

This guy in Wheaton has grown some big pumpkins in his yard and this is the 4th year he came in 1st place.  Pretty cool.  I brought Baby Beretta by to take a look and she got some good photos.  It is hard to really capture the scale–They are Enormous!  Joe Adkins said the people down at Wheaton Mulch come and help move them with their tractors.  He has started to carve a few with faces.  These really put my pumpkins to shame.   I bought mine in Wheaton at Cosley Zoo but they won’t turn out this amazing.  So it’s probably not just a Wheaton thing…it’s a talent thing.  Good Grief!