It’s Leslie Harris and I’m filling in for Mitch Michaels today. I was really surprised to hear this news. Dollar Tree is adding alcohol to its stores. Sort of. Let me explain.

First of all, did you know that Dollar Tree owns Family Dollar? Me neither. So Dollar Tree is adding alcohol to 1,000 Family Dollar stores. Apparently Family Dollar is not doing all that well, and Dollar Tree, the parent company, thinks that adding alcohol is the answer. Great, but I’m kind of wondering, what kind of alcohol are you going to get at Family Dollar? I mean, we know it’s going to be cheap booze, but do you care?

Will you be buying cheap booze at Family Dollar? Is this the answer to your cheap-toilet-paper-and-cheap-booze-all-in-one-stop prayers? Or will you be going to one of the other fine establishments you frequent now. Let us know in the comments

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