I love the fact that someone actually took the time to write these down!

With how easy communication has become, it’s only natural that a set of rules has started to be established, even if those rules are mostly unwritten. Well, someone decided to write them down! Feel free to pick these a part or add your own! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

(I’ve highlighted my favorites)

From the USA Today:


  • Don’t randomly FaceTime people. If you want to Facetime, shoot them a text or call first.
  • One word texts like OK and LOL are conversation killers. Don’t respond with one word, unless you don’t want to talk anymore.
  • If someone you know comments on a photo or video you posted, you should respond.
  • If someone communicates to you using a certain form of communication, e.g. e-mail, then you are expected to respond using the same form of communication.
  • Don’t like your own posts. People see that, and it makes you look weird.
  • Don’t ask for likes, comments or shares.
  • Don’t take hours to respond without an excuse.
  • You don’t actually have to leave a voice message.
  • If someone asks you multiple questions via text, don’t just reply to part of the message.
  • Don’t post dozens of photos of cheezy quotes back to back.
  • It’s OK to text Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, etc. You don’t have to call.
  • Don’t have one-on-one’s in the group-chat, better yet, rarely send group chats. They’re mostly annoying and usually avoidable. 
  • Try not to deliver bad news via text. Don’t deliver bad news via DMs.
  • If you don’t get a response, you don’t have to get angry. It’s not always that big of a deal.
  • If you have time to post on Snapchat, you have time to respond to text messages.