Check Out This Cool New Venue

Hi, it’s Leslie Harris, and Friday night, I bought a last minute ticket to see The godfather of punk, Iggy Pop at the inaugural event at the Salt Shed in Chicago.

The Salt Shed actually opened last summer, and they had several outdoor concerts, but this was one of the first concerts for the indoor space.

You’ve likely seen the building if you’ve ever driven on the Kennedy expressway. It’s called the Salt Shed, because the building used to belong to Morton Salt, and the roof still says Morton Salt in big blue letters on a white background.

This is a great space. Even though the event was sold out, it didn’t feel crowded. There are at least two bars, and lots and lots of stalls in the bathrooms. There are two different price levels, and buyer beware, it’s a bit tricky. General admission is the floor, and if you like being up close to the band, this is where you want to be. VIP is upstairs, and this is where you can sit and watch the concert, but of course, you’re going to be much farther from the stage.

The space includes a cool merch shop, complete with a guitar shop. They have several guitars and amps for sale, and you can ‘test drive’ them. If you fall in love with one of them, you can even buy it that evening, and pick it up at another time. They’ve also got a separate area where they sell t-shirts, candles, guitar strings and more.

Outside the venue, in the garden space, there were food trucks and fire pits were quite a few people were congregating after the show.

The Salt shed in Chicago already has quite a few shows scheduled, and many of them are even sold out. Find out more and see their events HERE