Chet Coppock. Gone!

When you’ve been around Chicago as long as I have you cross paths with a lot of folks. This is a big media town, but if you’re out there enough you’ll  run into almost everyone. I never worked with Chet Coppock, but he and I crossed paths many times at games, shows, charity and media events. He was truly one of a kind! A character indeed!  He always had time chat and was always upbeat even when talking about how bad The Bears or whatever team were! Genuinely a funny man, I remember a particular media all-star basketball game we played in together against the Bears for some charity. When you think of football players you think of football, right, but you must remember these guys are athletes. We’re on the floor and these guys, Otis Wilson in particular, are dunking on us. Then, I think it was Noah Jackson, yeah that Noah Jackson, dunks on Chet, so I say “Come on Chet you gotta block him out”, Chet looks at me and says “there’s nobody in the NFL that can move that dude and you want me to block him out! Not happenin’ good buddy, I’m not gettin’ in front of that, but hey be my guest”! Chet was always involved and always available. Sadly we’ve lost Chet. Another great one gone. The picture above was shot back stage at The Arcada Theater May of 2015 during the first Cornerstone of Rock Shows. Pictured (L to R) the Legendary Dick Biondi, Chet’s with his vampire look on, our own Scott Mackay and moi. Our sympathy’s go out to his family and the words of his daughter Lyndsey should ring true for all of us:  Life is too short and you are never promised another day. Tell your friends and family you love them, you never know when your last moments with them will be. We love you, Dad, and we are so proud of you.




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