Chicago Car Jackers Steal Car in the Most POLITE Way Possible

No one wants to be car jacked. Let’s just make that clear. However, if you ARE going to be the victim of a car jacking in Chicago, these are probably the guys you want on the other side of the pistol.

CWB Chicago, a website dedicated to tracking crime in Chicago, posted this video of a car jacking, something getting all to familiar in the big city. The difference here is that the offenders were very polite! They used words like “sir” and “thank you” and even held the the victim’s pizza while he reached for his car keys. It’s like they are car jackers from Canada!

This has me very confused! Obviously these are dangerous criminals that need to be apprehended and put in jail. BUT…since stopping ALL crime is as close to impossible as it gets, I’d rather have my criminals be the polite kind.

Or maybe this is the criminal element’s answer to being shot at by legal gun owners, which we have seen more of lately, it seems. Perhaps they believe that if they are polite, the victim will be less likely to fire at them? I don’t know, just spit ballin’ here.

At the end of the day, it’s just another story that puts Chicago in more of a negative light…something the city sure doesn’t need right now.