Source: YouTube

Just 11 days ago, 104-year-old Dorothy Hoffner jumped out an an airplane for with Skydive Chicago. It was not her first jump, but it turned out to be her last. Just one week after her jump on October 1st, Dorothy passed away peacefully in her sleep at her assisted living facility on the north side of Chicago.

The timing seems to be a coincidence and is not tied to her skydiving efforts.

I heard a story that Dorothy never told her family that she went skydiving! They only learned about it after they went to visit, and Dorothy gave them that morning’s Chicago Tribune with a photo of her dangling from the parachute with a headline that read “Chicago Women Sets Skydiving Record.” Obviously surprised, they asked why she didn’t tell them she was skydiving. Her response, “You never asked!”

The Chicago Tribune did a nice piece on Dorothy, but youll need a subscription to read it.

Dorothy seemed like a wonderful lady who truly lived life. What a inspiration! It’s never too late to get out and experience everything life has to offer. Thank you, Dorothy, for showing us the way.