Good Morning! This is Laura Vaughn from The Weekend River in for Nick Jakusz today.

The most recent internet rage is this guy who facebook posted some pretty funny and ridiculous stuff while his wife was giving birth. Cody Lake from Houston Texas is now a big star and his wife and baby boy are healthy. Here are some of his posts:

“Water just came out of my wife. Weird. Baby is closer.”

“I honestly should have dug a birthing trench in the backyard and had my wife birth it like the pioneers and settlers.”

“Becky just said the F word, so I think it’s serious now.”

“Sure, she’s having contractions or whatever but I’ve had to pee for like 2 hours. Where’s my ice chips?”

“My wife is too preoccupied to respond to my updates, and frankly it’s her fault.”

“It’s really had for me to love someone who is putting my wife through so much pain. They gonna have to hold me back when this punk gets delivered.”

“5 minutes after Leo is born and I’m sent on a coffee run for Becky. I’m getting myself Whataburger to celebrate. I deserve it”

How refreshing to get a man’s perspective on the birthing process!