Cicadas Are Coming!

We’re about to have company! They’re coming back after 17 years. No not your long lost brother-in-law! I’m speaking of Cicadas. This year’s group, known as Brood X, is the largest of the 17-year-broods in both density and geographical area. Here are three major sections of the country where you’re likely to see the largest swarms. The southeast corner of Pennsylvania, almost all of Maryland, parts of Delaware, New Jersey and a few areas in New York; Ohio, almost the entire state of Indiana, a few areas in eastern Illinois, and northwest and eastern parts of Kentucky; Western North Carolina, east Tennessee and a scattering around west Tennessee, and just the northern part of Georgia. These little buggers crawl out every 17 years and know they have but one purpose that is to mate and reproduce. They can be loud (a swarm could be as noisy as 96 decibels) and yes some people actually eat these things!

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