Cicadas On The Menu? No Really!!

So everybody’s got a favorite food, right? I would say mine use to be a thick New York strip steak cooked medium rare on the grill, but I’m really eating much healthier these days so my beef consumption is down substantially. Salmon is right there at the top of the list as is barbecued chicken, but we all have a few of those exotic treats that we and maybe we alone like to nosh on! I really like escargot! Not everyone’s fav, but I do really enjoy it. When we were in Paris I managed to get a second order in before we had to jump on The Eurostar and head back to London under the channel!! Absolutely fabulous!! So I don’t poo poo anyone’s unusual or eccentric food choices, but cicadas….well I’ll hold off for now. Maybe once they arrive, if they get too loud, I’ll head out to help quiet the neighborhood with a removal strategy that has culinary overtones. Who am I kidding! Not a chance, but they are on the menu for some folks. Hold the anchovies please!

Hungry? Cicadas are on the menu and that has some foodies buzzing. Click Here.