Cleanse Day Seven! All Good!!

Day 7 of the cleanse! So far so good. No alcohol, no pasta, no bread, no sugar. Susie and I went to a friends house party on Saturday night and we both felt very comfortable around friends and guests eating the good stuff (veggies, meats)¬†and not heading for the sweets or the bar. ¬†Everyone was very supportive and we found a couple of others taking January off in one manner or another. Even yesterday with my buds over for the Bears game (which with it’s outcome, by the way, almost drove me to drink, but no we held fast). The idea of a temporary absence from alcohol isn’t such a shocking idea. The concept of “Dry January” is featured in media all over the world, complete with eye-roll-worthy portmanteaus like “Drynuary” or “the dryathlon.” Moreover, outside of this period, an increasing number of restaurants and bars have realized that their customers include pregnant women, people on medication who can’t have alcohol and people who simply don’t want a drink, and have broadened their menus accordingly Do the math: A glass of wine can have 135 to 200 calories, depending on the sugar and alcohol levels, while a pint of craft beer not a low-cal, low-carb Michelob Ultra can be about 250 if it’s 6 or 6.5 percent ABV. Go out to happy hour, have two drinks and that’s a significant chunk of your suggested daily caloric intake. Just watch out that your nonalcoholic replacement isn’t as bad as the booze: A can of San Pellegrino sparkling fruit juice or an Ale-8-One Ginger Ale is a calorie-laden sugar bomb. And a soda or nonalcoholic drink is far cheaper than booze. Who wouldn’t want to be richer and healthier? And think about it, that’s just the alcohol part of the cleanse. I’m hoping for some weigh loss and a few more bucks in my pocket! It’s not for everyone, but so far it’s working for us! More updates to follow!!



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