Cliff Clavin Just Recorded a PSA For the Post Office!

Remember Cliff Clavin?  He’s the know-it-all postal worker from “Cheers”.  And now, he’s going to bat for the USPS.  Sort of.

Actor John Ratzenberger, the guy who played Cliff, recorded a PSA, where he says, quote, “The Post Office is in a little bit of a pickle right now . . . so I had an idea.

“Why not do all your Christmas shopping early at the Post Office store . . . obviously, stamps and things like that.  Help your local Post Office, go down there and buy something.”

He joked that stamps would be a better gift for your “Aunt Tilly” than a hat because she won’t wear that hat much anyway.  (Huh!? haha! )

This is awesome. . . but it wasn’t John’s idea.

TIM KASHER, the lead singer of the indie band Cursive, put him up to it.  Tim bought some of John’s time through the “Cameo” service, and had him record the video.