Closed for Thanksgiving?  What a novel idea!

Hey, it’s Rich Dale!  So here’s a story of something good that maybe came from the pandemic.  Remember how Black Friday was so different last year because of course stores didn’t want the big crowds coming out?  Most stores were closed on Thanksgiving Day, compared to recent years where a lot of stores were hardly closing, if at all!

One of those stores was Target, and last year they were closed on Thanksgiving Day.  Well this year, even though we certainly hope to have the pandemic mostly in our rear view by November, Target has already decided that they’ll be closed on Thanksgiving.

The retail chain said that the decision to close again this year came from seeing a positive response from last year’s decision to close and that they want to “help our guests take the stress out of getting the best deals of the season”.

People liked it being closed on Thanksgiving!  Who knew!  My own personal kudos to Target for learning from what they were forced into in 2020.