Clouds Dampen Aurora Borealis Viewing in the ‘Burbs, But Do We Have Another Chance Tonight?!

The videos from some towns not too far away are spectacular! The aurora borealis WOULD HAVE BEEN visible to all of us here in the suburbs (if you were able to avoid light pollution), but the clouds got in the way. Just a few miles west though, it was a different story!

Up in northwest Illinois in the quad cities area, they did escape the clouds and enjoyed quite a show!

Someone even caught a COMET streaking across the sky that was lit up with the northern lights. That’s incredible!

Even as far south as Champaign got a good view of it!

Out in Volo, they had a similar experience!

The aurora borealis isn’t a rare phenomenon for people of northern latitudes, but why is this instance different? It turns out, it’s some pretty severe solar weather!

While the chances are high that conditions will provide for more aurora borealis viewing in our area, clouds again will be a factor.