I’m not a coffee aficionado, but I love coffee in pretty much any form. Drip coffee, lattes, coffee-flavored ice cream or beer, eating espresso beans covered in chocolate. If it has a coffee flavor, I’m more than willing to try it!

Enter in the Cold Brew Coffee Gummies from boutique candy maker Sugarfina and California coffee producer Alfred’s. There are three flavors available: Cold Brew, Bourbon Cold Brew and Iced Vanilla Latte.

So the big question is, “Do they just taste like coffee, or do they actually have caffeine?”

The answer is yes, they do contain caffeine! And not just a little…about 60mg per serving, or as much as a shot of espresso, according to their press release.

The caffeine content relayed in their press release seems to be in contention with information on their website which states: Each bag contains 180mg caffeine, equivalent to three espresso shots. With 8.5 servings in the bag, that means there would be 22mg per serving (about a third less than the press release states), but I digress! I’m in it for the flavor…any caffeine punch is icing on the coffee-flavored cake!

Wanna try some out: click here.