If you don’t know your Roman numerals, you may be confused by Super Bowl LIII. Here’s a little trick.  The first Super Bowl was played in 1966. Subtract that from 2019 and you get 53.

The coldest Super Bowl ever, wasn’t really that cold. (Not if you live in Illinois anyhow).  It was the 1972 Cowboys/Dolphins game in New Orleans. The temperature was 39 degrees.

The highest total score in the big game happened in 1995. The 49ers beat the Chargers 49 – 26 (75 points).

The Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, Jacksonville Jaguars and Cleveland Browns have never played in the Super Bowl.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are six-time winners, the all-time champions.

The Patriots, 49ers and Cowboys are all five-time winners.

Will the Patriots make it a half-dozen wins?  We’ll find out on Super Bowl Sunday!