So summertime always brings a lot of great concert outings and this summer hasn’t disappointed.  I don’t think I have attended any show that let me down really (well it was bloody cold at the Who show but the band still delivered!)  However I do think there are some common concert etiquette’s that would help us all out if we could apply them.

Let’s start with the Do’s for the audience.

–Arrive early. When you arrive late and have to push through people to get to your seat, you’re disturbing someone else’s enjoyment of the show.

–Keep your feet on the floor. If you want to upset people quickly, stand on your seat or sit on someone’s shoulders. Both of these behaviors prevent people behind you from seeing the stage, and they’ll probably let you know that in no uncertain way.

–Stay at your seat as much as possible during the performance. Obviously, nature can call at some pretty random times, but don’t leave your seat because you’re bored or just want to walk around. People are generally okay with moving out of your way for an entrance/exit once or twice, but any more than that and you’re pushing your luck.

Now the Don’ts for the audience.


–Talk loudly during the opening act. Some people may actually be there to see that band perform instead of the headliner, so be respectful and keep conversation to a minimum.

–Sing along. Seriously, please don’t—even if you have a great voice. There are exceptions, of course. Piano Man, Hey Jude, and anything by Bruce Springsteen. But in all honesty, if you’re singing along loudly to every song, there’s probably somebody nearby who wants to throw something at you.

— And do not be that one person that stands up when everyone else is sitting down or that one person who sits down and grumbles when everyone else is up and dancing.

Lastly for the band…


–Play your hits (I recently saw a show with a great band who sounded great but they didn’t play any of their hits …which is disappointing. – I also saw Flock of Seagulls in the nineties and they didn’t play “I Ran” … I mean … really?)

— Talk a little between songs … that’s part of the live experience … we want to hear your stories.


— Show up late … we are excited to see you but we also don’t want to be there all night!

— Get drunk or stoned before the show (what you do after is your business) but wasted musicians suck.