So as we are talking about all the great local music in the area tonight I thought I would share with you my groupie past.   So in high school I was the manager of The Triffids.  I was also the girlfriend of the guitarist which I know was very Spinal Tap.  But I hung out at many band rehearsals singing a long to every lyric which I had obviously memorized … because that’s what groupies do (or should I said I say Band Aid like Penny Lane?)

I went to high school in a Detroit Suburb so we spent our weekends playing all the dive bars of Hamtramck, Michigan.  We had fake id’s and the owners of these venues had a very much don’t ask don’t tell policy when it came to underage attendance.   To be honest … I only used my fake id to get into clubs.  I was never a big drinker in high school (now college was a whole other story … but we will save that for another time.)  Now to advertise these shows you had to make the sacred flyer.   A lot went into these flyers.   A lot of cutting and pasting (literally as this was the eighties).   Of course paper color was also a very serious decision and photo shoots so that you had the cool band pic to go along with the band logo.

One of our biggest moments was actually playing at our own high school (see picture below).   Even the jocks and the cheerleaders were jamming to our band and for one afternoon we ruled the school!

I still am kind of a groupie … and I still date a guitar player (Well I’ve been married to him for 22 years so…)  but my band managing days are long behind me.