Congrats to Citgo, Lockport’s Police Dog, On His Last Day Before Retirement!

Congratulations is in order for a member of the Lockport Police Department who retires from law enforcement after his last day on duty today!

Citgo, and 8 year old Belgian Malinois, joined the force in 2014. But last Wednesday, the Lockport City Council voted to accept his retirement.

Lockport Police Chief Terry Lemming had nothing but praise for Citgo (who’s real name is Santos) at the city council meeting, “The dog is really good at finding drugs, finding people, but what he’s best at, he’s really good with people.”

Citgo likely could have served longer if it wasn’t for an ailment to his spine.

While the doctors said he couldn’t take down perps anymore, he will be able to live a full life at home with his handler.

You can read more about Citgo and his police family in this article from Andrea Earnest for the Lockport Patch.