Funny AF Fridays with Mackay in the Morning!

He’ll have your 4-pack of tickets to The Comedy Vault in Batavia, all brought to you by Allied First Bank  

Allied First Bank is going to be helping you laugh all the way from the bank, to the vault… The Comedy Vault that is!

On Funny AF Fridays, we’re going to be giving away a 4-pack of tickets to The Comedy Vault in Batavia… from our friends at Allied First Bank.
Because sometimes crying and laughing are the only options left….. and laughing feels better!

We’re going to send you a 4-pack of tickets to an upcoming show at The Comedy Vault in Batavia you choose the date… some restrictions apply.

-Visit for upcoming dates and acts
– Must be 21 or older to win

Allied First Bank is your community bank… and they like to do things a little different!  They like to support the local arts… just like they support their customers!  Hey, it’s the neighborly thing to do!

The Comedy Vault gets some AMAZING talent… like Jonathan Kite from Two Broke Girls- he does hilarious impressions and puts on a great show!  Check him out at The Comedy Vault