Hey, it’s Rich Dale, and I think I just might be responsible for a YouTube milestone!

The band Europe’s classic 1986 earworm “The Final Countdown” has joined an exclusive club with over one billion views on YouTube!

OK, hand to God on this one.  This past week, I went on YouTube and looked up that song out of the blue.  I had never looked it up before, and I wanted to grab it and use it as a ringtone.  Then I find out it just hit one billion views?  I think it’s a distinct possibility I was the one billionth viewer!  Not that I got a prize or anything.  It sure would be aggravating to find out I was viewer number 1,000,000,001.  I guess I’ll never know.

The band itself couldn’t believe the news: “Unbelievable! One Billion Views!  You can’t really make these things up. We’re just five musicians from the suburbs of Stockholm. So lucky to still have the success in the rock world and now something like this. It’s awesome to say the least.

Check out this unplugged version:

You’re welcome, Europe!