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Could this be the least “stressful” Christmas Ever?

I would think it would be the other way around?  How can there be less stress this Christmas.  Well, keep on reading!

So far, the pandemic has made pretty much every aspect of life MORE stressful.  But this could be different.

According to a new survey, people are slightly more likely to say the holiday season will actually be LESS stressful this year than in a normal year.

52% of people say the holidays are normally stressful.  This year, that’s down to 48%.  So it’s not a massive difference . . . but it’s a real one.

And it makes sense:  This year should see less traveling, fewer parties, fewer family gatherings, fewer arguments over whose family to spend time with, and emptier calendars.  Those are a lot of huge sources of stress . . . all gone.  (YouGov) 

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