Could this change your opinion about Furries?

Rich Dale here.  Be honest, how many of you are predisposed to think that Furries — adults who like to dress in furry animal costumes — are weirdos.  OK, my hand is up.  But check this out.  A group of furries is being credited with saving a San Jose woman who was being assaulted.

Police say the incident occurred over the weekend as FurCon — San Jose’s convention for furries — was letting out for the evening. One of the convention’s attendees, who wasn’t in costume, was with a group of furry friends when he heard a commotion from a vehicle parked on the side of the street. “It was pretty intense,” says 26-year-old Steven Rodriguez. “We saw the passenger just whaling on her. Just a full-on punch.” So Rodriguez and another man pulled the assailant out of the vehicle, only for the man to attack them, Rodriguez says.

That’s when the furries took action. A pink dinosaur, a tiger, a cat, and a platform shoes-wearing cowboy grabbed the man, threw him to the ground and sat on him until police arrived, according to an incident report. Demetri Hardnett, 22, was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence. “It happened very, very fast and it was just a horrible thing to see,” Rodriguez says. “But overall, everyone was very happy that we stepped in.”

And now Hardnett, in addition to regular prosecution, has a story to tell about how he got his butt kicked by furries.  Good luck to him in jail.