Could You Handle A Large Unexpected Expense Right Now?

So how’s everybody doin’ out there? These are trying times and so many are struggling. We’ve just come through a political season that was beyond overwhelming. Glad all those ads are gone. Did you notice shortly thereafter the constant ads for seniors about medicare updates? OMG stop! Now that the timing on medicare changes have ended does anybody want the Car Shield ads to go away? Could you handle a large expense for car repair? My point to all this is the political ads wanted you to donate, the medical ads wanted you to buy and the car shield ads are there to scare you about large expenses looming out there. Now I’m not saying these are false or misleading, but they do play on fear and there is a point to them. I saw a piece today that said that despite stimulus help less than 4 in 10 Americans could handle an emergency $1000 expense. Is that you? Now I’ve said it before, I feel blessed to still be working with many of my colleagues in this business put on the beach due to pandemic cutbacks. The unemployment numbers over all are huge and getting bigger so that 4 in 10 number is not surprising although very alarming! If you are able please remember to support buying local, helping local because we all live local.

Fewer Than 4 in 10 Could Handle An Emergency Expense.