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Couple Share Things They Do that aren’t Normal! Dare to Peek?

When I saw this stories’ headline, I thought it was going to be a bit more salacious…I was wrong and glad that I was.  It makes it much more comfortable to share with you.

So, Buzzfeed picked up Reddit user Finsonic’s question “What do you do with your significant other that’s not normal?” and the answers were surprisingly… pure.

  • One user said her man plays Laundry Turtle where “he dumps the laundry on me when it’s warm and fresh out of the dryer.”, while another user said he wrapped his girlfriend in a blanket, rolled her back and forth on the bed and told her ‘Shhh…just be bread, loaf-girlfriend. It’s okay to be bread.”
  • Another couple who seemed to take their cue from National Geographic said they bite each other’s necks throughout the day to establish dominance while one couple loves to puff out their bellies to make them touch so that their “babies” can talk to each other, which I’m sure is probably popular with them after a Thanksgiving feast.
  • What is something that you and your significant other do that “isn’t the norm?
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