COVID-19. The Sturgis (Motorcycle) Rally Factor!!

This whole COVID-19 thing is very confusing. The beliefs of some that it’s no big deal just like the flu and others who take it very seriously. Over 5 million cases and over 163,000 deaths in just 6 months. The US leads the world (not a category we should be aspiring to) in both and we’re running away with it. From what I can decipher, the experts blame a lot of the spikes on bad behavior, lack of discipline and simply youthful arrogance. Crowded bars and gatherings without any social distancing or masks   or regard for those around you. I don’t get it, well I do, but it just seems so short sighted! I mean I get freedom, but come on man! And now comes Sturgis! The annual motorcycle rally generating hundreds of thousands of participants in South Dakota and state that has a very low positivity rate and no mask mandate and is the largest gathering of any kind since the pandemic started. It could be a super spreader. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see and hope it is not.

Sturgis, The Rally, Your Ticket Is Here.