Cubs. Tough Start On & Off The Field!

So the Cubs have started off the season with a less than an outstanding start. They did win their home opener yesterday, but it would seem they lost in the eyes of some of their loyal fans. Wrigley Field has always been a fun place to experience a game and the Ricketts family has gone a long way in trying to make the Cubs experience even more enjoyable. However, the enhancing of the Cub experience has come with a hefty price tag. Ticket prices have risen substantially and access is tougher to gain. Morgan Greene had a very enlightening piece in this mornings Trib, Here’s part of what he had to say”

Devoted Cubs fan Gary Dupuis spent 15 years watching the home opener from the upper deck at Wrigley Field. This year he received a picture of his seat, still empty after three innings, while he was at work. “There are people in the world with much bigger problems than this,” said Dupuis. “But it’s a bittersweet day for me.” Dupuis was among the season ticket holders priced out of the upper deck with the arrival of the Catalina Club, a new premium suite. Dupuis said his four tickets were set to jump from $18,000 to $106,000, with the average ticket price per game going from $60 to $325. On Monday, when Mayor-elect Lori Lightfoot threw out the first pitch, and members of the Catalina Club enjoyed a mimosa bar, Dupuis was miles away. “They took the most loyal fans, who had given them the most money, who had endured seasons like 300 losses in three years, and they just decided that they’re going to go for the revenue rather than to recognize the loyalty and devotion,” said Dupuis, 61, of Evanston, who gave up his season tickets rather than be moved to another section. “I understand it’s a business, but those guys still have Chicago on their uniforms, and their whole success was built by fans like us, up in old Section 422. “We’re not corporations or anything,” he said. “We’re just great baseball and Cubs fans.” The Cubs did not confirm how much seats increased in price once they became part of the Catalina Club. Catalina ticket holders now fill the 400 padded upper-deck seats behind home plate. They also have access to the club and outdoor area, which replaced the popular Jim Beam patio. Mary Mnichowicz , 43, of Lakeview, said she’s been a season ticket holder for 19 years. For 18, she sat in the upper deck behind home plate, right next to the camera bay. “The people around me, we sat there for years,” said Mnichowicz. “The guy behind me 30 years. The family next to me 35. And we watched a lot of bad baseball and this is how we’re paid back. “My seat would have been a little over 22 grand,” she said. “I can’t afford that, so I obviously moved. But it’s a poor business decision. “Why couldn’t they build this club on top of the stadium or expand the clubs that they have above terrace reserve (seating)?”

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