Damn Inflation Spoiling Everything!

Inflation. Ain’t it fun! NOT! So I guess my question is how much have you changed in your buying habits or your personal habits? Are you driving less with gas prices back up? Are you planning cheaper meals and eating more leftovers because of grocery prices? Have you cut back on entertainment…movies, concerts, theater? These are such strange times because the economy itself seems overly strong, unemployment is at a 40 year low yet this worldwide inflation just keeps kicking our ass. The pandemic had a strong hand in this and so has the awful conflict in Ukraine that Russia is perpetrating! We can thank Putin for a good bit of this. These are things that are out of our control, so what are we supposed to do? The R word (recession) is on the lips and minds of many and it looks like one is coming. You have to wonder what things will look like if a recession comes to fruition.

Inflation Busting Budgets And Good Spirits.