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Danielle Tried To Cut The Cord. It Didn’t Go So Well.

I am moving in a few weeks and decided that I probably don’t wach enough TV to justify spending as much as I do for cable/Internet. So I made the decision to call my cable provider and tell them that, when I move, I would like to transfer my Internet… but not my cable. It didn’t go so well.

How did this happen? And how did I end up with more stuff? Who uses a land line anymore?? One good thing that came out of it is that my cost won’t change at all. So I’m getting more and paying the same… so I guess that is the positive spin here.

I’m not sure why it is so hard to walk away from cable. First comes the fear that I’m going to miss something as soon as I drop the service. Then there is always some sweet talker on the other end of the phone that is almost impossible to say no to. The guy I talked to sat there and told me that his apartment burned to the ground because his upstairs neighbor had a faulty fan running in their unit. The terribly sad story went on for about 5 minutes. What am I supposed to do to the guy that nearly just lost his home??!

One thing I know is for sure… I ABSOLUTELY marked on my calendar when the promotional period ends for my new package and you better believe I will be calling to renegotiate or cancel the service. I WILL SEE YOU IN A YEAR, MAJOR CABLE PROVIDER… AND THIS TIME, I WILL BE READY FOR YOU!

Danielle Tufano

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