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David Beckham Kisses Harper On Lips After Being Called “Creepy” By Piers Morgan

David Beckham doesn’t care what his critics think about his parenting, doubling down after being labeled “weird” and “creepy” by Piers Morgan.

The soccer star has a habit of kissing his daughter Harper on lips, which the TV personality takes issue with, doing so again on a Father’s Day family vacation to Spain.

“Why would a father kiss his daughter on the lips? Don’t get it. Creepy. Weird. Creepy,” Morgan said last month on Good Morning Britain.

When called out last year about the behavior, Beckham replied, “I’m very affectionate with the kids. It’s how I was brought up.”

Personally, I see nothing wrong with a peck on the lips. I have a 9-year old nephew, 6-year old niece and 1-year old niece. I still kiss my nieces, but I have kind of stepped back with kissing my nephew… but not because of what other people think. He’s going to be 10 this weekend and I think he prefers it that way, which I totally understand. I don’t think he would, but if he asked for a kiss in public, I wouldn’t think twice about it.

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Danielle Tufano

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