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Daylight Savings Time! Hooray! An Extra Hour Of Sleep!

Well if you think you are not getting enough sleep…rejoice!  You can this weekend.

Daylight Savings Time is back.  At 2am Sunday morning, we will fall back 1 hour.  For many of us this is a big blessing.  79% of people feel more prepared for the day with an extra hour of sleep.  Count me as one of them.

But how will many of us spend that extra hour?

46% of people will take the extra hour and sleep!

15% will stay up later.

10% will spend it with loved ones.

But it isn’t always a good thing.  Apparently the US economy is affected.  Daylight Savings Time costs the US economy $434 million a year in lost productivity,  and increases in worker injuries.

Guess that means no heavy lifting for me.    🙂    Anyway do not forget to set your clocks back.  Or you may end up arriving at a destination 1 hour sooner than you had to.

I am Tim Thomas….I am here to help!

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