Well if you think you are not getting enough sleep…rejoice!  You can this weekend.

Daylight Savings Time is back.  At 2am Sunday morning, we will fall back 1 hour.  For many of us this is a big blessing.  79% of people feel more prepared for the day with an extra hour of sleep.  Count me as one of them.

But how will many of us spend that extra hour?

46% of people will take the extra hour and sleep!

15% will stay up later.

10% will spend it with loved ones.

But it isn’t always a good thing.  Apparently the US economy is affected.  Daylight Savings Time costs the US economy $434 million a year in lost productivity,  and increases in worker injuries.

Guess that means no heavy lifting for me.    🙂    Anyway do not forget to set your clocks back.  Or you may end up arriving at a destination 1 hour sooner than you had to.

I am Tim Thomas….I am here to help!