Sorry Cubs fans, but St. Louis not only beat you on the diamond, but they are also better fans than you…at least according to WalletHub, who released their list of the top baseball cities in the country!

The names you would expect to see at the top of this list are there. New York, L.A., St. Louis, Boston and then Chicago. But it’s not all about MLB teams. WalletHub looked at a TON of factors, including fan engagement, stadium accessibility, team success, ticket prices and more.

They not only ranked big cities, but mid-sized and smaller cities that were home to minor league or college teams.

DeKalb ranked 162nd overall, and 77th on the “small cities” list thanks to the Huskies baseball team. Gevena, home to the Kane County Cougars minor league franchise, ranked as the 204th best small city.

Other Illinois cities on the lists include Peoria (50th overall, 13th midsized), Champagne (82nd overall, 18th small), Charleston, Normal, Evanston, Carbondale, Macomb, and Edwardsville — so pretty much every big college city in the state.

Source: WalletHub
It is quite facinating to dig into the data here, see what cities rank at the top/bottom of each metric, and where Illinois ranks on the different lists. Check it out!