Details on Winter Storm Coming this Weekend

Now, before everyone goes all crazy…no one is saying this is snowmageddon. No one is saying this is going to be a winter storm the likes of which we haven’t seen. No one is predicting a catastrophe here.

What forecasters are saying is that it may snow quite a few inches and you should know that and be prepared. That’s it.

OK…now that everyone is calm, here’s what we can expect.

Jeremy Hylka from the Joliet Weather Center does a GREAT job of dealing with facts and not hype. His analysis is that, because the variety of models being used to forecast this are pretty much in agreement, the confidence level is higher in this storm than it was in the one that came through earlier this week.

The number being tosssed around is about six inches. If a stronger band of snow forms, it may be higher in a certain area. If you happen to be close to the line of wintry mix, you may get a bit less! No one is saying that EVERYONE will get EXACTLY six inches.

I’m glad we are all on the same page! I hope you can enjoy the snow!

The Winter Storm Watch starts at 3:00 on Saturday afternoon and ends at noon on Sunday.