“Dew Garita”.

The pandemic has taken away so many things, but it has brought out the creative minds and there have been many new innovations to make our lives at least a little better in this very difficult time. Live music has gone away, but there are now at least some “live streams” and even “drive-in concerts”. Dinning in has taken a real hit but for now outside dinning has blossomed and I’ve even seen some ideas for winter like turning shipping containers into outdoor dinning areas or an old school bus, maybe heat tables or small geodesic domes. Who knows what the ingenuity of man can think up next, but now comes one that I’m sure none of us would have seen coming. Lemme ask you this, when you think of Red Lobster and Mountain Dew what comes to mind? I don’t Dew the Dew and I can’t remember the last time I was in a Red Lobster, but Mountain Dew has come up with a new cocktail that they will be featuring at Red Lobster starting this month. It’s called the “Dew Garita” and it’s a new tequila drink. Now when I think tequila drink I don’t think Mountain Dew or Red Lobster, but there it is.

For full explanation of the Dew Garita click here.

Click here for the Red Lobster location here in the western suburbs near you.