If this pans out, it will go down as one of the biggest stories in Aurora history.

After going missing for nearly eight years, is this 14-year-old boy that turned up in Kentucky, after “escaping his kidnappers” north Cincinnati really him?

My gut says yes. Here’s why:

When the boy gave police a description of the vehicle of his kidnappers, he mentioned it had a Wisconsin license plate. That happens to be the last place he was seen; on security camera footage at a water park in Wisconsin Dells.

I have a ton of questions though!

Are the two guys that he says he escaped from the people his mother had originally given him to? If so, why didn’t he give the police their names instead of just very accurate descriptions? (maybe he did and it just wasn’t released, I don’t know!)

Why were they in Ohio?

If his story is true, that he escaped from a hotel in Sharonville, Ohio and made his way to Newport, KY, how’d he do it!? That’s more than 18 miles (a five hour walk according to Google Maps)!!

Aurora detectives are in Cincinnati today assisting the FBI in their investigation.

For the sake of his family, which still live here in the suburbs, I really hope it’s him.

DNA testing should be done today.