Did you get out and enjoy it?

Hi, Leslie here is here, and I have been WAITING for the warmer weather! I try to get outside year-round, but I enjoy it so much more when the sun is shining and I don’t have to bundle up. I’m a SUMMER girl for sure!

I spent some time outside over the weekend, but today, I was actually out for a couple of hours. I actually opened my map app, and searched “Parks with water near me,” and ended up at Spring Lake Park, less than 10 minutes from work on my way in today. It was glorious!

If you’re just getting home from work, go out for a walk anyway even though the sun is starting to set. Being outside in this weather is good for the soul, and if you can’t get out today, make sure you do whenever the weather is good. Research even shows that being outside, especially in the sun, is good for our mental health.

Have you gotten outside in the last few days? Gone for a walk? worked in the garden? Let me know in the comments